Satin Brass Teak Pendant Handcrafted Necklace


Handcrafted Satin brass half-circle with teak wood pendent on matte gold chain. Handmade in the rural mountains of Northern Malawi by a local artisan.

Due to the handmade nature of this product slight variations should be expected.



Brass is a metal alloy comprised of copper and zinc. Known for its malleable durability, brass has been used for centuries in Africa and is a sustainable alternative to gold. Today almost 90% of all brass in the world is recycled. It is the nature of brass to evolve and tarnish over time. Some love this antiqued, darker look, while others prefer to keep their jewellery bright and shiny. Humidity, products on your skin, and your bodies natural chemistry are some of the things that speed up this process.

To avoid oxidation, remove jewellery before showering, working out, or using sprays of any kind.

When not wearing your jewellery we recommend storing in a sealed bag in a dry area away from sunlight and heat. Malawi is historically known for their incredibly talented wood carvers, YEWO embraces this traditional art form and has incorporated these wood elements into the designs using wood pieces made from teak off-cuts and fallen branches. YEWO partners with 4 independent wood-carvers from the local area to carve the pieces by hand, while paying them a living, fair wage and keeping them employed all-year.


Founded by duo Maddy and Kyle in 2018, YEWO is a social enterprise and a jewellery design studio based in both Asheville, NC and Manchewe Village, Malawi. Every YEWO item is thoughtfully hand fabricated in the Malawi based workshop using both unique and traditional metal working techniques.

The YEWO workshop is based in a mountainous rural village in Malawi where 100% of the community are either unemployed or working in the informal economic sector (i.e. selling goods in the marketplace or one-off jobs usually paid well below minimum wage). Almost all of the YEWO team had previously never held a job in the formal economic sector, had access to reliable income, or knew a single thing about making jewellery before starting work at YEWO.

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