Black and White Abstract Design Moroccan Rug

By Anou

This black and white abstract design Moroccan rug features a bold abstract design and is perfect for warming up your interiors. Made from sustainable, recycled fabric and woven by Moroccan women in the small village of Osar Mouv.

Approx. Size:


You can vacuum your rug. To eliminate odours and humidity, let it dry in the sun for a day. Make sure it does not stay humid. If you store it, we do not recommend storing it in a bag. You can wash it by hand with laundry soap and rinse it with your garden hose, and after let it fully dry in the sun.


Anou is a community of artisans working together to reshape Morocco's artisan economy so that it works for them rather than against them. They aim to build a resilient community of independent, self-sufficient artisans.