So…recently I decided to do a little bit of rebranding in advance of the new Textile Candy website launch. I re-did my logo, created a tagline and designed a brand new signature print for the packaging and website header. I say that like it was no hard task, the above activities took months and were done while I was on furlough with a lot of time on my hands. The time spent rebranding did make me very happy to have a background in graphic/textile design though, without this the changes I made could have become quite expensive.

After making my signature floral print, I edited the colours on Adobe photoshop and popped over to MOO.COM to get some help printing some 'thank you' postcards. Moo is my ‘go to’ for printed marketing materials as I’m always impressed with their paper and colour quality, they also send your orders really fast AND your packaging order comes beautifully wrapped with a wax seal…which helps. I also stumbled across these fantastic envelopes that look plain on the outside but conceal a vibrant pop of colour on the inside, all of my online orders will come with a personalised thank you note on one of these moo postcards in a pink pop envelope. If that isn't an incentive to get shopping then I don't know what is ;)

I didn’t want to completely change the Textile Candy branding, just update it a little, but what do you do if you’re a new small brand looking for a logo design on a limited budget? There are options; you can find a local graphic designer who will listen to your small business needs, use Canva to design your own or head to Fiver to select a pre-designed logo style. For those local to our lovely shop in Morecambe Katie Birks ( and Louiza Rabouhi ( both do FANTASTIC logo and brading designs.

For mine I did a lot of font research on DAFONT.COM, narrowed down my ideas and then asked friends and family to vote for their favourite options. There was a resounding winner and that’s the one I decided to go with.

If you’ve already ordered from the new Textile Candy website you’ll have received your purchase in one of these Textile Candy patterned mailer boxes.

I had these printed with Packhelp, an amazing online company that provides a range of different box size options each with a pre-made downloadable dieline for you to use as a template. Packhelp dielines enable you to design your packaging on a flat box template before committing to print, but be careful how detailed you make your design. I had to simplify my design twice before printing because I’d made the signature print on the box far too detailed. Thankfully the team at Packhelp really were helpful and guided me to simplify my design while retaining the overall aesthetic, free of charge!!!

Here is the finished result! If you’re thinking about making some custom printed mailer boxes, Packhelp is really easy to use, just be aware that Royal Mail charges substantially more for larger boxes so consider this when you’re choosing your mailer size.

Sidenote: this post hasn’t been sponsored/produced with Packhelp, Moo, Canva or any of the other companies mentioned in this post, these are just the businesses I’ve used and been really impressed with!

Anyway…I hope this has been helpful and if you use any of the places I’ve mentioned in this post I’d love to see what you create! 

March 11, 2021 — Rebecca Burns

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