To design and create exciting, contemporary, ethically handmade products which promote positivity and are environmentally conscious.

To collaborate with artisans around the world, increasing awareness of traditional crafts in order to preserve them.

To deliver workshops that provide creative crafters with the skills to start their own small businesses.


To form an alternative ethical online marketplace, promoting artisan-made products created by independent makers, social enterprises and small scale manufacturers. Giving consumers the option to shop small, affordably and ethically without compromising on style.

Our big vision is to bring back small scale manufacturing to the UK, Lancashire in particular. Once a textiles manufacturing hub, Lancashire has a strong history of craftsmanship. At Textile Candy we want to see the emergence of creative manufacturing and small business hubs with local makers working in a cottage industry framework. This is something we are working towards through our Morecambe based shop. We aim to create an upwards wealth spiral, training local people back into a craft based trade, creating apprenticeships and teaching people that they can be self sufficient.

We hope to encourage a culture of craftsmanship and artistry where traditional skills are nurtured and profits are re-invested into the makers' economies.

Textile Candy Studio

32-34 Alexandra Rd.

Morecambe, Lancashire


United Kingdom

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